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Rodion G.A. – Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album will be released on October 20 on BBE Music.


Recently, Rodion G.A. signed a new recording contract with the prestigious British independent label, BBE Music. The first release is Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album. It features fourteen tracks which were recorded in Romania during the Communist era. During this period, musicians and artists were persecuted. They were perceived wrongly, as radicals. As a result, Rodion Rosca had to make music underground. He wrote and recorded the twelve tracks on Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album in his basement, safe from the prying eyes of the censors. Then when it came to recording Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album, the songs were recorded using instruments Rodion built himself. 

Rodion Rosca is more than a musician. He’s an inventor, philosopher, poet and dreamer. He invented many of the instruments that feature on Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album. Other instruments he rescued and modified. His genius extends to transforming everyday devices into musical instruments. Using these musical instruments, Rodion Rosca’s talents as a composer, philosopher, poet and writer shine through. The result was an album of innovative and groundbreaking music. It was intended to be Rodion G.A’s debut album. Sadly, fate intervened and the album was never released.

During the Communist era, there was only one Romanian record label. This was the state-owned Electrecord label. Releasing an album on the Electrecord label wasn’t exactly going to be a profitable enterprise. Rodion wasn’t going to become a rich man. Then fate robbed Rodion of the opportunity of releasing his debut album. 

The tapes of Rodion G.A’s debut album went missing. Nobody knew where they were. Rumours surrounded their whereabouts. Had they fallen into the hands of the state censor? Other rumours were that the music had been stolen by a jealous rival musician and that he’d burnt the tapes. There was even the rumour that Rodion G.A’s debut album had been smuggled out of Romania. Over the years, rumours grew surrounding the mystery over what many people referred to as The Lost Album. Then last year, the mystery was solved.

Rodion found himself living in a cottage in rural Romania. Apart from the occasional concert, Rodion was no longer involved in music. His musical career was another country. He still had the remnants of his makeshift studio. They were now akin to museum pieces. They were a connection to his pass. So were the pile of boxes and packing cases. One day, Rodion decided to start sorting through their contents. This was no easy task. It took several weeks. Towards the end of this journey through Rodion’s past, Rodion found some old reel-to-reel tapes in amongst some old photos. 

He’d no idea what was on them. Fortunately, Rodion still had his beloved reel-to-reel tape recorder. With some TLC, he had the reel-to-reel tape recorder up and running. He started spending time listening to the old tapes. Some were just ideas for tracks, other recordings of rehearsals. Then Rodion hit pay-dirt. He found the long lost album. The album that had long been lost, was now found. It had never left Rodion’s possession. All the time, it had been amongst the photos that will feature in  the sleeve-notes to Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album.  

Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album will be released on BBE Music on the 20th October 2014. It will be available on various formats.

The CD version of Behind The Curtain-The Lost Albumwill feature fourteen tracks.

The digital download version of Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album will also feature fourteen tracks.

However, the vinyl version of Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album is a double album featuring twenty-two tracks. That’s an amazing eight bonus tracks. They’re a tantalising taste of Rodion G.A. at the peak of their considerable powers.

Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album is available on pre-order from: 



Place your oder for what is without doubt, the most exciting musical event of 2014, the release of the much anticipated Behind The Curtain-The Lost Album, which will be out on 20th October 2014, on BBE Music.

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For everyone who has asked about the album cover, it was designed by the hugely talented Jake Holloway.