Review of Rodion G.A. Behind The Curtain–The Lost Album From Spex on 20th October 2014



More than receptacles for the drawer: On Behind The Curtain – The Lost Album of the Romanian band Rodion GA require analog devices the freedom that was not granted to the musicians

As this country is known little about Eastern European music in general and the work of the Cold War in particular, one notices at the latest when the works of these artists will be re-released without warning. The Lost Tapes of the Romanian musician Rodion Ladislau Roşca and his band Rodion GA were such a case last year. Suddenly there was an electronic music where it was fast with buzzwords like Krautrock and psychedelic at hand, at the same time but a very unique, different look at the history of experimental music allowed – as a post by “behind the curtain”.

Behind The Curtain is because even the programmatic title of Rodion GAs Lost Album, with the image of the band is rounded, which worked at the time of the Ceauşescu regime under difficult conditions. The belated reception can not be explained merely by the sealed-off situation of the Eastern Bloc, but above all by the fact that Rodion GA could hardly publish in Romania. The musical activity was limited to smaller performances and recordings for the drawer.

Thus, the resulting Multi-track pieces of Behind The Curtain, are following a similar approach are like The Lost Tapes, stylistically, however, fall closed. The rock instruments have been adopted in most numbers, instead, the electronics has the say, without completely sacrificing the aesthetics of prog rock or psychedelic. Rodion GAs use of synthesizers is pronounced melodic, very beautiful as in “Charm 1” and “Charm is 2” to hear. The bright upper voice with its easy flute-like sound has a more folkloric than futuristic character, but it so often repeated, that the piece developed an idiosyncratic form of minimalism.

In Rodion G. A. spread the analog devices also exactly the kind of heat that is often invoked by detractors of the digital, and they break again and again out of their seemingly predetermined paths, take the liberty had to miss in everyday life, the musicians themselves. If it is then it rocked conventional times, which is almost a bit of a shock. On the other hand, expresses the fact restore some sovereignty from: The opposition between male konnotiertem, handmade and machine-rock androgynous electro play here somehow not matter. It was simply dissolved.

Thanks to Tim Caspar Boehme and everyone at Spex.


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